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Aims and Scope

The Review of Finance is a peer-reviewed journal that competes for the best articles in the field of finance and aims at a wide circulation and visibility in the profession. The journal's editorial policy is guided by two criteria: quality and innovation. The board welcomes submissions of high-quality papers in all areas of financial economics: established areas such as asset pricing, corporate finance, banking and market microstructure, but also newly developing fields such as law and finance, behavioral finance and experimental finance. A high-quality paper will not be turned down on the basis of being controversial or in a field outside of mainstream finance.

Being the journal of the European Finance Association, the Review of Finance enjoys the solid support of the Association's members. At the same time, it aims to be a resource for the world community of finance researchers, open to exciting and novel contributions from authors around the globe.

The board is committed to a fast, electronically managed, editorial process. The first editorial decision is rendered at the latest within 100 days after receipt of the submission by the editorial office. Editorial statistics about turnaround times, first-response times and rejection rates will be published regularly.

The journal will, from time to time, publish special issues on timely topics, including selected papers presented at the meetings of the European Finance Association or at selected conferences.